I am a young woman in my early thirties and I have been married for eight years. I have two children, twins and I recently started educating them at home. I am a stay at home mum by choice and I am constantly evolving and growing.

I know that I am not super-mom or superwoman, but I do my best with what I have and the things I know. I am open-minded; however, I know what I don’t want. Most things in my life are not black and white while some things are because of my faith, personality and our way of life. I don’t apologise for my beliefs or how I live, it is intentional, and I try not to second guess myself.

This blog will be about lifestyle and education. I don’t know if I will be talking about cooking, I enjoy cooking, but it is seasonal and there is a bit of dry spell in the cooking department. If we could afford it, I would so have a chef because cooking is time-consuming.

To be honest, you probably won’t see me exercising as I don’t enjoy it but hats off to those who do! In fact, I ask my kids to join me when I exercise (irregularly) in order to encourage me. They are so good at it and they see it as playtime while I see it as work – they put me to shame. Ultimately, I’d rather eat healthily than exercise…

I am excited to share our lifestyle and education with you. Hopefully, I will be able to share some helpful tips and resources that have helped me and are still helping me on this journey. Motherhood is eye opening and I am learning to chill out due to the fact that I cannot control everything. I can be a control freak, but the kids have kept that in check.

We enjoy travelling, living life and having fun. We understand the need for a good education and a fun learning experience, and we like to look good while doing it.