Tips to get things done like a boss lady

I constantly have an endless to do list #lifeofawoman! I have found some tips and tricks to help me stay focus on the task at hand. You almost have to have tunnel vision to get anything done properly, for example when I am doing the laundry, I aim to wash, dry, fold and put away. I won’t stop or pause to do something else because I got distracted. This is so tempting especially when I think let me quickly tidy up the kids drawer or cupboard or change their sheet. You get the idea. Here’s is how I get things done like a boss lady:

Choose a task and stick to it– it is obvious but how many of us overwhelm ourselves with tasks rather than a task. For example, if you have ever decluttered, you will know how stressful if can be. However, if you take it one kitchen cupboard at a time, it’s more manageable. I am not one to clean my whole house in a day, I either take one room at a time or one task for example, vacuum all the floors or change all the sheets. I don’t have the energy or time to clean all day.

Give your self allocated time to complete the task– when someone calls me to do something, I’ll usually say, I’ll do it at some point today or by the end of the week. I do try to meet my deadline. However, I don’t respond well to people asking for something to be done now, because I most likely have other tasks that have been allocated time. For example, educating my kids, cooking, making that phone call, sending that email, going to the gym or having a nap. So, before I can get your stuff done, there is a queue. Don’t put yourself on the back burner, don’t sacrifice time with your kids and family for activities that are less important than them.

Use a timer– yes, I do. Especially when I am cleaning or working. I sometimes forget to eat or drink when I am engrossed with what I am doing. Obviously, I don’t use it for everything, sometimes, when I am cleaning I play an album of my favourite artist/album and I aim to complete or stop cleaning when that comes to an end. Find creative ways to time your activities.

Put your phone on air plane mode for time sensitive tasks– imagine, I have completed all the little tasks that distracts me, I have made a cuppa and switched on my laptop ready to get stuff done like a boss lady and then my phone rings and for whatever reason, I have to pick up the phone. The best thing to do is put your phone on airplane mode and set a timer to remind you to take it off that mode because I have forgotten in the past.

Work in the right environment– I mostly work in the living room. This works for me because my husband sometimes work here, I set the kids tasks before I start, and they also work close by. They will come for explanation or help from time to time. I do it or send them to their dad. You might work better in an office, your bedroom, at a café, library or the dining room. Wherever it is, make sure it is comfortable and motivating.

Prepare to work– I mean before you actually sit down to get stuff done, make sure the kids are going to be occupied or entertained for the duration of your work time. Make sure your laptop is charged, eat, use the restroom if needed, get yourself a drink and eliminate or minimise whatever will make you get up or break your momentum.

Guys we’ve so got this. Don’t let your dream die because we didn’t plan or because we didn’t see it as priority. Let me know how you guys get things done like a boss! I can’t wait to hear it and don’t forget to get my free eBook. Subscribe to my newsletter that way you get an email as soon as I upload a new blog. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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    You are so right,the only way for me to archive anything is to time everything and prioritize what is most important.
    I have a routine with the kids,which helps everyone. So I am able to plan around the routine to archive something for my self.


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    I always believed life should be well structured to get the maximum out of it. Welcome back from your August break, I missed your weekly blog 👍👍


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    My own way of getting things done is to plan ahead, write it down and start attending to the task first thing when I wake up early in the morning ,before my kids are awake. Then other bits can be attended to while my kids are in school. I think it all boils down to time consciousness and management+ focus mentality Thanks floutlook great post.


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