Time to Unplug

Guys I appreciate technology, but I also know when it’s time to unplug. The month of August is full on for our family. It is filled with different activities and events and I want to thrust myself in it and be fully engage with whatever I am doing. I do feel it is important to monitor the impact of social media and technology in your life. If not, it can easily take over and control you. Remember, you have the power.  We should always remember that they are tools for enhancing our lives and for staying connected.  However, it can easily be an obsession that is controlling and even crippling.

I have mentioned before not to be an observer, I stated… “most of the time, the so-called Jones’ are not even aware of you, they are busy minding their business and you are there constantly comparing. They are living their lives and because you are too busy comparing, you forget to live your life and create your own story. You sadly become a watcher. Instead of watching people take their children to the playground, stop and do a fun activity with your own child.” This was taken from a blog titled Reasons why we don’t Compare with the Jones

I have referenced this because social media propagates this false reality and sadly we believe it. Guys, I do sometimes get caught up in it and I quickly realise that, it’s all for show. It is not the full story. Truth be told, I avoided social media for years and I finally joined for many reasons, such as home education groups, to promote my brand and other little ventures. I will be unplugged from social media most of August; I think this has several benefits including:

  • Regaining time and control
  • To review and evaluate how you are doing with social media
  • For mental clarity
  • To improve engagements
  • To enjoy the moment

What does being unplugged look like for me? it means little to no Instagram, Facebook, blogging, limited time to watch YouTube (if at all). This is easier said than done.  I enjoy YouTube and my fingers constantly land on the Instagram icon on my phone. This should be interesting… I’m not sure how this will go. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

I encourage you to review the things that are stopping you or slowing you down from being engaged and present. Reflect on the quality of your life and how it can be enhanced. Let us remember that life is for living and not for watching. Take out time for yourself and your family, enjoy this summer and don’t let it slip by. I am saying this to myself as well, when I say that I live intentionally, I do mean it.

As usual, I hope this is useful and helps to improve your lifestyle. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below, do let me know what you think and don’t forget to get my free eBook. Subscribe to my newsletter that way you get an email as soon as I upload a new blog. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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    I have come to adapt your phrased from one of your previous blog ”me time”.
    ”Me time” for me , is time away from all social media, telephone and shuttling the rest of the world down. Spending alone time and quality time with my family.
    Love your blog👍👍


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    It is not easy to unplug from social media, especially YouTube, for me. As I really don’t watch t.v.
    You are right,it is good to unplug and revaluat.


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