Why I want to raise audacious children

I want children who colour outside the lines and think outside the box. Those type of children grow up to be solid adults, who are creators and problem solvers. I don’t want my children to grow up into adults who constantly second guess themselves (I was one but I’m getting better). I don’t want them to be afraid of making mistakes. I want them to be proactive and daring. All these things sound lovely, but it can be tricky. I am still acquiring some of these skills and to allow my children attain some of these skills, I must be okay with letting them make mistakes. They have to be given opportunities to create, make a mess, make all kinds of decisions and sometimes we have to follow their lead. As a mum, this can be very difficult. All I want to do is protect them. To raise audacious children, you almost have to let go. No, I don’t mean going to school (I have nothing against school).

Leaders and problem solvers– I want to raise leaders and problem solvers. Unfortunately, school doesn’t necessary teach you these skills, your parents/careers and life does. For example, if your child wants something, instead of saying yes or no, ask them, “how do you think you can get that?” It is your turn as a parent to ask why? And how? The world is full of followers, the system is set-up to create followers, society likes followers, but the world need leaders and problem solvers.

Creators not just consumers– We all love to consume and there’s nothing wrong with that. I believe we all have something to give as well. You need to find the right outlet/ platform. I have seen my children from both lenses, as consumers watching movies, playing computer games and as creators, making movies, music and writing. Children are more capable than you think. When my daughter saw me writing my blog, it inspired her to write. I told her I would make her a paper book to write and she refused and typed out all her words. She was persistent and said that she wanted to be an author and an illustrator (as she loves to draw as well). Her future career keeps changing every five minutes and that’s alright. Whatever she is interested in doing, all I can do is support her and provide her with the tools.

Givers and not just takers– Although this is similar to being creators and not just consumers, but it also differs. For example, I get my children involved with choosing some of their books, toys and clothes that they want to give to either charity or to friends and family. During their birthday or Christmas, we involve them in giving to the community. I want to raise kind and generous children. We as a family are learning to be more kind and generous.

Raising audacious children takes time and commitment. It can be exhausting but it prepares them for the world. Sometimes I get a glimpse of what that looks like, seeing them speak out, observing their thought process and seeing them create. It makes it all worthwhile. It is a life long journey, as a parent, I am still on the journey myself. Have you ever asked yourself “what kind of child do I want to raise?” Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below, do let me know what you think and don’t forget to get my free eBook. Subscribe to my newsletter that way you get an email as soon as I upload a new blog. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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    Ebony laleye

    This is amazing,you have thought me something today,it is good to sit back and let your children decided e.g what to wear etc ….
    It can be hard as parent,to let go. But it is vital in certain area,as this will help in their adulthood


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