How to Home School When the Educator is Unwell

I am limping with an awful pain in my knee (I have to crawl up the stairs and bum shuffle down sometimes) and a headache. It is one of those home school days, mummy is unwell. It is Tuesday and it also happens to be their dad’s birthday. He is working from home but there is no help from daddy today in the home schooling department (we had just come back from a two week break no holiday pay as he is a contractor). While their dad is busy catching up with work and conference calls. I already know that it is going to be an uneventful day.


I like the flexibility of home schooling because if they were in school they would have been absent because of me. This has happened in the past. Now that I home educated, this is what happens in my household when I am feeling unwell:

  • Be creative

I try to think outside the box and be creative. I draw inspiration from everywhere and events. For example, I was scrolling through Facebook and a parent posted their child’s diary entry of why they loved being home schooled. I showed my kids the post and I asked them to write about why they like being home schooled. I did this while laying on the sofa with my hot water bottle. I also got them to make their dad a birthday card, that was a creative activity that they did independently.


  • Develop independent work

Encourage independent work, my kids have been doing daily Maths and English work from an outside provider for years now, so they will always do that without help, they might need a little reminding though. This is something I am trying to do more of, encouraging them to pursue projects and tasks of their interests independently.

  • Lots of free play

In-between the tasks, they played and fought together, lots of drawing and some roleplaying. They were also allowed to go on their tablets after they have done their activities. I have learnt to choose my battles wisely, regardless of what they were doing, I did not intervene. I let them work things out.


  • Let go

Let go and relax, you might have younger children. Do what you have to and get better. That might mean that they watch tv and do things that are not ideal, also get help if you can. I have come to learn that, children are resilient and sometimes they understand what is going on more than you think. They might also be willing to help and be more considerate if you explain that you are poorly.

So, I lay here with my blanket, hot water bottle and I am medicated, about to eat some takeaway food. It is alright as it is the very best that I can do for my family right now.  So, guys if you are poorly or are struggling with health issue, make sure to stop and look after yourself. You are doing fine.

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    Lots of free play,is a very good idea,it is about you getting better


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      Loveth Okoli

      Hi Ebony, getting better is key and very important for your overall well-being.


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