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To wear or not to wear, that is the question. My kids don’t have home school uniforms; they just wear their everyday clothes. When you see my kids, they look comfortable, dressed for the weather and ready to go. They don’t feel restricted and constrained.

Where do I get their clothes from?

I only buy what my kids need; I invest mostly in their outerwear such as a good winter coat from Marks and Spencers, TK Maxx or Debenhams. For their summer coat or daily clothes, I get them from everywhere, including George, TU, Debenhams, Marks and Spencer sales, Next sales, TK Maxx, charity shops and friends and family. I spend most of the clothing budget on underwear, shoes and coats, as well as on my son’s clothes. My daughter gets most of her clothes from friends and family.

For now, we don’t have any specific preferences; I just like clothes that wash well, keeps its shape and isn’t delicate. Also, clothing has to be easy to wash and dry such as fleece jumpers and clothes you can layer. My kids get hot or cold very quickly depending on the activity that they are doing so layering is key.


Shoes are important; I look out for shoes that I can hose down and throw into the washing machine if need be. Wellies, snow boots, trainers and chukka boots are great. I’d avoid leather shoes for play as those are more for outings and special occasions.

Occasion wear

Sunday’s best – this is where we put our best effort in and is when we ‘show up’. My daughter is a girlie girl, opposite of her mom. She only wants to wear dresses and when you suggest trousers, it’s like a swear word to her. That was until she discovered leggings – she’s a little obsessed with leggings, but dresses are still her favourite.

Kids dress sense

Meanwhile, my son’s dress sense is interesting. He enjoys wearing his long-sleeved tops underneath his t-shirts. He wants to wear shorts in the winter months and trousers in the summer months. He wants to wear winter boots all year round. Whenever he gets the opportunity to dress like his dad, he will. He is a poser and enjoys dancing.

The clothes or uniform that children wear during home school should be fit for purpose, affordable, durable, and comfortable, and let’s not forget, stylish. We like to feel good as well as look good. A little thought should go into your presentation but never sacrifice comfort.

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    Ebony laleye

    My son also want to wear shorts all year


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      Loveth Okoli

      Kids and their dress sense. You’ve got to love it.


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