Helpful Tips to Avoid Having a Messy House

By no means am I a neat freak, but surprisingly, my whole house isn’t in a constant state of mess. If it were so, no one in my household would be able to function properly, especially me. The dining area, on the other hand, is mostly untidy but this is because it’s used the most.

Get the kids to tidy-up after themselves

After every activity, I remind the children to tidy up. Sometimes, we all forget until meal time and then they tidy up. They usually put all the markers and pencils away and move all the books and paper to the middle of the dining table to create space.

Tidy and clean high traffic area regularly

At least once or twice a week, I will go over everything on the dining room table and recycle paper, stick worksheet in books, and place special creative work and certificates into a folder. Dried up markers and glues go straight into the bin and the general area gets a good clean.

Focus on one area or room at a time

I’m not one to clean my whole house at once but instead, I’ll do one or two rooms at a time. If I spend my time cleaning my whole house, I won’t be able to cook, look after the kids or do fun activities. I will simply be too tired. If my living area and kitchen is a mess, I always do something about one of the rooms as I can’t function when high traffic areas are in a mess at the same time.

Get everyone involve for a quick makeover

Just like when you have a surprise guest and you tidy-up in three minutes because everyone chips in. You can also do this sometimes when you haven’t got the time or energy for a full-blown clean. There are times when I get everyone to stop what they are doing for 10 minutes to join me and tidy up. Yes, it sounds crazy, but my environment greatly impacts my emotions and productivity.

Avoid bringing things in and declutter frequently

I declutter at least once a month. Recently, I decluttered the children’s books and gave some of them to a good cause (a friend was starting a street library). We frequently use our local library and end up with loads of books. They are everywhere in the house and it annoyed me for weeks so I had to do something about it. I bought two boxes; one for some toys and the other for library books as I didn’t want the library books to get mixed with their books for obvious reasons.

Have clearly defined areas and make it comfortable

Trust me, my house is far from perfect and I do not strive for perfection. I want my house to feel homely and comfortable. I like to see when my nephew and nieces come around, they go straight to the role play area or the dining room to help themselves and have fun. From my littlest niece who is under two to my oldest niece who is eight years old, there is a place they feel happy, comfortable and entertained.

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    Ebony laleye

    Your right, I can not function when every where is a messy.
    It is good to get the kids involve. All hands on deck


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      Loveth Okoli

      Yes, my environment affects me. getting children involved helps them appreciate and respect their home.


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